Romine Retires after 25 Years

Hazen Erickson, staff writer

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1. How many years at SVHS
 I have been at SVHS for 25 years!
2. What have you enjoyed the most about your time here?
 I love the staff and students.  We have the best of both!
3. You started your career at the old high school. What stands out in your memory about your time there?
  I started at the Annex building at the old high school.  For a while, I didn’t have a copy machine and would have to run across the street to the main office to make copies!! In the winter time, it was a ice skating rink trying to get across!  The old high school was a neat building, and it made me sad when they tore it down!
4. How has your job changed over the years from when you started until now?
  We have more students now, so the work load has increased.  Students have changed too with the use of IPads and cell phones!!

5.What do you look forward to the most in retirement?
I am going to miss coming to work everyday!  Not sure what I look forward to most….. but it will be a new adventure! Thank you SVHS for the memories!!  Love you all


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