Grover Bridge Jumpin’ Invigorating

ZAcky SIms

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When the weather is scorching hot and sweat is dripping down your forehead, there is something everybody longs to do: jump into a body of ice cold water.

Well, maybe not everybody, but many students of SVHS love the idea of jumping off of something into water. One of the favorite locations to do so is the Grover bridge between Auburn and Grover.

With a drop of only 7-8 feet, anybody can jump off the Grover bridge, provided they know how to swim and can stand freezing cold river water.

Most people only jump off the bridge during the summer season, but a select few jump any time of the year as long as the water isn’t froze over. Junior Nate Matthews, one of those select few, said, “Dave [Casitillo] said I wouldn’t, so I had to prove him wrong.”

While not many enjoy enjoy  jumping off the bridge in the winter, jumping in the summer is a great way to beat the heat. Stay safe and have fun.




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