Weather Makes Wyoming Soccer Challenging

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Weather Makes Wyoming Soccer Challenging

Spencer Larson, staff writer

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Not only does the boys soccer team have to worry about practice and winning games, but they also have to worry about hypothermia in the cold weather that comes with running around in shorts, in April, in Star Valley.

Since the season started at the beginning of March, the team has had to deal with anything but sunshine. To start the season, the team was supposed to travel to Casper for a tournament in Casper but couldn’t make it due a late winter storm.

CROSS IT!: Senior Robert Choma is ready to boot the ball across the field in a win against Evanston.

The Braves have had to play in wind, rain, and snow. They have played under an overcast sky for the majority of every game. “To keep warm we wear tights, long sleeve undershirts, and bring hand warmers,” said senior team captain Robert Choma.

With a 3-2 record in their new 4a conference, it seems that the weather hasn’t affected the team’s play. Losing to Kelly Walsh by 1 point and to Rock Springs by 2 points, the team has shown that they can compete with 4a teams. “We’ve played really well against these teams; once our offense starts to capitalize on the opportunities to score, we’ll be in better shape,” explained senior Andrew Jeske.

With eight games left in the season, and four of those at home, the Braves hope to wrap up their season in Jackson in the state final game.


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