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Strasburg: Girl Who Does It All

Kate Linford, staff writer

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PRETTY IN PINK: Emily was in a cute photoshoot with some of her friends.

We all understand the stress of balancing home, school, extra-curriculars, friends, and sleep. This being said, only a choice few understand it like Emily Strasburg does. This girl is such an over-achiever, she doesn’t even eat sugar.

Usually most kids participate in at least one spot or after school activity. Strasburg likes to conquer as many as she possibly can.  Strasburg participates in volleyball, indoor track, speech and debate, and soccer. She also skis on the side as often as possible, all the while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. If that doesn’t sound stressful to you, you’re crazy.

SERVED: Emily Starusburg and Bri Battleson before a game; that is why there is such a lack of sweat.

Strasburg has played volleyball since she was in 4th grade. Over the summer she goes to 2-3 camps to get better. “Volleyball is probably the least time-consuming thing I do, but it is definitely a good time,” Strasburg said.  Strasburg is a current member of the volleyball team.

TALK LOUDER: Winning the word battle, Strasburg shows off some speech-winning hardware with teammate Abby Thompson.

MILE AWAY: Unfortunately for Emily, she is always a mile away because that is the race she runs.

Up next, Strasburg runs indoor track. She is only a sophomore in high school, but she has run indoor track both years of high school. “Indoor track can be a little stressful,” said Strasburg. “I have to run a lot, and it’s really hard to balance indoor track with speech and debate.”

Indoor track takes up Emily’s after-school time until about 5:00, then she runs some more over to the speech and debate practice. She said that it’s very hard because a lot of the indoor track events and speech and debate matches overlap on the weekends. Strasburg is forced to alternate the two extra-curriculars. Almost all of the speech and debate meets are overnight on the weekends. This can be rough, and Strasburg said that it really gets into her “homie time.” Her current PR for the mile is an impressive 5:48, a time that would kill most non-runners. In addition, she has taken a first in the Oratory Speech catagory at one of the matches.

GOALLLLL: Two of SVHS’ soccer gals, infamous for swerving boys, goalie Addie Butler meets up midfield with forward Emily Strasburg.

When spring rolls around Emily Strasburg hits soccer pitch. Soccer tryouts started on March 4th as usual. In regards to soccer, Strasburg said, “I love it and it’s super super fun! The only downside is that the coaches don’t love that I’m always trying to ski.” Strasburg used to ski race but has sadly run out of time for it. She skis every Saturday she has open and most Sunday’s because “that’s the only day I have open.” She also attends 2-3 soccer camps every summer.

SICK NAR: Powder turns are only slightly easier to do on skis then on snowmobiles, and Strasburg has them mastered.

If this isn’t enough, Strasburg has also managed to maintain a 4.0! Juniors have some insight on how maintaining that GPA is in the third year of school; however, we wish her the best of luck in keeping it up until graduation. The lowest grade Strasburg has ever gotten on a test is a 88%, which she ended up retaking anyway. “My mom takes my phone when I don’t have good grades, so its a pretty good motivator to keep them up,” Strasburg remarked. She also said, “Honestly, I study a lot, lol.”

Emily’s high school accomplishments take place 40 min from her home in Alpine. She has to wake up early and leave her house by 7:20 a.m. to get to school on time.  Emily also says that she goes to bed at 9:30 or 10:00. Most do not got to sleep this early maybe this is the secret to her success.

Comment with your thoughts on Emily’s crazy life and whether or not you get enough sleep.

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  1. India Romero on March 15th, 2019 6:24 pm

    Wow! That is impressive! I don’t know if I could do it. Go Emily!

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Strasburg: Girl Who Does It All