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Hoopes’ House Serves As Popular Lunch Destination

Koa DeLong, staff writer

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For generations, the Hoopes household has fed hungry high schoolers. From the oldest Hoopes child, Walker Hoopes, who started the tradition and passed it on to Austin who passed it to Brig. The responsibility to host hungry friends at lunch has now come down to Tyson.

The great location and short drive of maybe three minutes from the school makes the Hoopes home a prime lunch destination. The house needs to have an unlimited amount of food to feed the current high school Hoopes’ sons and a handful of their friends.

LUNCH BUNCH: Seniors Trey Waldonr, Tyson Hoopes, and Thomas Shumway get their gnosh on at their favorite lunch locale: Tyson’s residence.

VEG: Tristian Hicks makes himself at home at Tyson Hoopes’ house during lunch.

On an average day how many people eat lunch at your house and how much food do you all go through?

Senior Tyson Hoopes: “About 6 people and I’d say a plethora of food.”

Freshman Harrison Hoopes: “Sometimes like 10 people. We drink 8 gallons of milk a week and lots of sandwich meat.”

Grayson Hicks: “I eat a lot especially when it’s not wrestling season. Like a bag of chicken nuggets a day and a lot of bread.”

How many days have you eaten lunch at the Hoopes house? 

Grayson Hicks: “Probably around 500 days. It would be more, but I was gone freshman year.”

What do you think about the tradition of lunch gatherings at your house? 

Harrison Hoopes: “I like it because I get to be with my friends. “

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Hoopes’ House Serves As Popular Lunch Destination