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Four Year All Staters Set High Bar

Jhett Jenkins, staff writer

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On January 20th, 32 music students from Star Valley High School (19 choirs students and 13 orchestra students) piled onto a bus and headed to Caper for All State Music Festival.

This gathering of the best of the best musicians from around the state happens every year and consists of two full days or rehearsal followed by a concert. It is an incredible honor to be selected for an All State Ensemble just once, but some of members within these ensembles are exceptional and have been selected multiple times.

To prove how hard it is to be selected for All State every year of high school, just look at the number from our high school. With the 32 members that went, only three were selected all four years. Jesse Barber and Avery Griffith are member of the Chamber Orchestra at Star Valley High School, both play violin, and both have been members of the Honor Orchestra Ensemble for all four years of their High School careers. These two have been playing with each other since middle school and though they may bicker like a married couple from time to time, they have been described as the “perfect balance” for each other. Where one may struggle, the other excels and vice versa. Orchestra teacher Lisa Barber said, “They are the perfect stand partners.” That has been proven over the past six years as they have played side by side.

FREEZE: Honor Orchestra Ensemble Members (Avery Griffith, Jhett Jenkins, Micah Dickey, Olivia Rainey, Racheal England, Amory Crook, Ellie Schreiber, Eve Mavy, Hyrum Arbizu, Brayden Hahn, Ben Barber, Lany Johnson, and Jesse Barber) strike a pose before the concert on Tuesday, January 22nd in Caper, Wyoming.

The third four-year member comes from the choir ensemble. Kylee Speakman has been a shining star since her freshman year, and it shows as she was one of the only 10 choir members to receive this recognition. “Some of the most fun I have had with my friends. Being with some of your favorite people, working towards a common goal is an amazing time. I have learned the most working with different directors all four years, and it is always a situation where you can learn something about yourself and your singing,” Spearman said.

BFF’s: Seniors, and besties, Sarie Jenkins and Kylee Speakman pose with the piano accompanist that played with the Honor Choir after the concert on January 22nd.

All State has been a large part of these senior’s lives for the past four years, and there were several tears shed on the final night of the event. Though this part of their musical careers has passed, there in no doubt that these outstanding musicians will continue to move and inspire people with the music they create for the rest of their lives.

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Four Year All Staters Set High Bar