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Advice From the Class of 2019

Jhett Jenkins, staff writer

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With the turn of the New Year comes a new semester, and for the Class of 2019, this is the home stretch of high school. With just a few months left in the school, many  seniors have started to reflect on their four years at Star Valley High School. Before these students leave the halls of SVHS for the final time, some of them took the time to impart the wisdom they’ve picked up with their years.

Olivia Muir, sports legend and all around school sweetheart, answered some questions.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned in High School?

Make as many friends as possible, be easy to talk to and nice to everyone. It will make life so much better. Regardless of you “social status”, the more friends the merrier. 

What teacher taught you the most? Why

Mr. Nethercott. He always made it challenging. Even though it was not always fun, it made me grow more. 

What is your most valued memory from high school?

Winning State Volleyball my sophomore year. 

What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

I’m excited to experience life outside of high school, and I am ready to be challenged. 

Jacob Carlisle, Class of 2019’s Class Clown, answered the same questions.

100% of your problems come from people or natural disasters. 

Fullmer because I took every class he had to offer.

Camping with my friends in the van.

I am ready to just move on to the next chapter of my life. 

Wensdae Draper, voted Senioritis for the Class of 2019, also weighed in on these questions.

Don’t skip class.

Mr. Patterson, he is an all around good guy.

Super fanning with all my friends and getting rowdy.

Seeing which one of my classmates gets married first.

Kelsie Lowe, Class of 2019’s heart breaker, said,

Don’t waste you time. 

Mr. Patterson, he has been through everything and knows exactly what to say in every situation. 

Skipping Class and getting breakfast with my friends. 

Being out of high school!

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Advice From the Class of 2019