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Color the Halls

Kate Linford, staff writer

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Have you ever been walking around the school on a Monday morning and just really wanted to see some color? Well, Emmi Heywood sure does and decided to do something about it.

PREVEIW: The beginning of a masterpiece

You may have noticed the chalk sketch as you make your way through the famous rotunda. No worries though, this is only half of what it will become. Student Body President Jackson Day had some things to say on the backstory of the mural. “About a month ago I had a senior meeting. I do those because I want to make sure everything I do has student backing. I was just asking all the normal questions. I asked if anyone had any ideas and Emmi just raises her hand and says she wants to do a mural. I went and talked to the principal and we started writing down ideas.” Day said that a few weeks earlier he was walking around a school in Thermopolis and noticed that their entire hallways were covered in paintings and art.

Heywood said that she loves art and always thought it would be a super cool idea. She said that she was taking to Tiffany Whitby and they both just thought it would be an awesome addition to out school. “I think our school is really plain and it would be cooler with paint all over the walls; maybe this can be a gateway, and everyone will start painting and leaving things in the school to be remembered by,” Heywood said. Apparently there was no specific reason for the design. Heywood said she had a bunch of ideas and people just said they liked that the best. Even if it’s her idea, she still wants student backing on the painting that will be in our hallways.

The AP Art class is in charge of the mural and hope it’s the first of many projects.

Comment your thoughts on art in the hallways. Maybe your ideas can paint the halls in weeks to come.


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Color the Halls