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Making Comeback Part of Success

Hazen Erickson, staff writer

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Being able to recover quickly from failures is a key attribute of the successful. No one likes to fail, no matter how great or small the stakes involved. How resilient we are in the face of failure is a true test of nature and ability. Sometimes you will fail many times but learning how to overcome it is what separates the great from the good as they view defeat as a inevitable stop on the road to success and learn how to overcome it. Everyone, at least once in their life, has had setbacks or defeats. How have you turned setbacks into comebacks? Making a comeback is is testing your limits, and it takes an awful amount of determination, dedication, discipline, and major sacrifice.

BOUNCE BACK: Like many athletes before her, Shay Erickson had to return to play this year after an injury last year.

Many students have experienced major setbacks. For instance, last year Shay Erickson, senior basketball star, experienced major injury which cost her the whole basketball and track and field season. Due to hard work over the summer, Erickson is now back on the court dominating like always.

Also, during the football season three athlete—Wyatt Moore, Dean Shaw, and Mason Ward—all broker their collarbones and couldn’t play most of the season, but that did not stop them. Because of their work and patience, by playoffs they were off playing once again. “Making a comeback is very difficult. I had to go to physical therapy every day at least four times a week,” said Shaw.

Senior Wyatt Moore said, ”In order to comeback, I had to really put a lot of time on making sure my collarbone is properly healed and did exercises to strengthen it.” Moore will run for the indoor track team this winter and Shaw is already hooping it up on the b-ball team.

TEARS AND CHEERS: Dean Shaw and Wyatt Moore force a smile through the pain after a rough visit to the hospital in Rexburg. Both players broke their collarbones in the contest.

STILL RUNNING: After a knee injury his junior year, Asefa Wetzel is back on the track this winter.

Another major comeback came from senior Asefa Wetzel after he tore his meniscus last year which cost him from attending one of the biggest meets in North America held in Pocatello, Idaho. Wetzel ended up getting surgery and missing state indoor track last year as well as spring track and some of this fall’s cross country season. Over the past summer, Wetzel put a lot of intense training towards a comeback and now getting ready for the 2019 track and field season after making it back to compete at state cross country in October. Success is never possible without failure.

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Making Comeback Part of Success