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A Day in the Life of a Freshman

Branden "B-Mac, Barn" McDonald, staff writer

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A freshman walks down the hall and eyeballs the upperclassmen with uncertainty, wondering if a turn of a corner will bring danger, boredom, or fun. Everyone knows that freshmen are the stereotypical scrubs of the school; however these freshmen think other-wise.

How has Freshman year been so far?  Are you slayin’ the opposite sex?  Are you participating in any activities?  Who is your role model in the school?

Ryker White:

Honestly, it’s been super lame, but Wyoming is definitely better than Utah.

Yes, especially the senior gals; they all want me.

I am doing football and wrestling, I had a great time in football.

My role model has to be Harrison Hoopes. He is such a stud.

Kamryn Thompson:

Freshman year has been just grand—it’s way better than middle school.

I have been slaying every guy, especially Harrison Hoopes.

I am participating in volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

It is definitely not Tanner; he’s a loser, but it is Jayden Nield because she is so awesome.

Greg Brown:

It has not been the best, but not the worst.

I can’t keep all the ladies off of me, bro, it’s the best.

I am only participating in b-ball because I love to hunt, and I specialize in slaying the women.

Cole Thomas because he is one heck of a hunter and a great guy, and he is the alpha.

Morgan Scaffide:

My favorite part is that you can finally leave for lunch.

Yes, I have to beat them off of me.

I am in no activities, but I’m an avid VSCO user, check it out: @morganscaffide.

My older role model has to be Wyatt Brylinski, he’s a stud.

Kysen Hebdon:

I hate it, but it is way better than middle school other than RIF, I miss RIF.

I am slaying no women, but I am single and ready to mingle.

I am doing football, basketball, and track.

It has to be Branden McDonald because he teaches me everything I know.

Faith Shaw:

It is great because of sports.

Yes, because I am a very flirtatious gal.

I do volleyball and basketball; they are going great.

Branden McDonald because he is just the coolest and gives me great advice.

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A Day in the Life of a Freshman