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Patterson’s Mental Strength Exploration Class Explores Fear

Claire Green, staff writer

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On October 22nd Mr.  Patterson’s  mental strength class learned first hand how to let go and trust. Patterson arrange for his students to repeal down from the cat walk in the  auditorium. Many students felt  apprehension  at first not knowing what to expect.

“At first it was scary then when you get over the edge it feels like your floating and it’s awesome, plus I was looking thick in the harness,” said junior Cael Delgoto

Junior Darbie Session said, “It was scary until I got my feet off the edge, and I just zoomed down.” Overall, most everyone enjoyed it and learned to summon the mental strength needed to over come fears and  face  anxiety.

“Life’s a trip, repelling was more than I ever dreamed,” said junior Zach Sims.  Junior Chase Merrill gave Mr. Patterson credit for knowing how to teach a good class.  “We all learned a lot that day. For me it was making sure long hair is tied back or else you’ll lose a big chunk,” he said.

HOOPED UP: Winston Green gets a little extreme and rapells in the dark because he thinks it will get the ladies’ attention. He said, “I live for stuff like this!!! Next time give me a cliff, to0 easy!”

TERRA FIRMA: Junior Lacy Cazier gets her feet back on solid ground.

HANGIN’: Kate Linford descends from the auditorium catwalk. She said, “It was so fun and got me out of my comfort zone which I try to push daily.”


AIR TIME: Freshman Zac Patterson drops down from the catwalk. He said, “It was an adrenaline rush and a good time.”



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Patterson’s Mental Strength Exploration Class Explores Fear