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Braves Get Hands Dirty

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Many schools take on the traditional half day of regular school on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break, but Star Valley does things differently. It is called “Braves in Action.” On this traditional day, students sign up for different service projects such as making Christmas cards, chopping wood, tying quilts and many other other chioces.

One of the multiple service projects to choose from this year was putting up wainscoting on a old barn. Wainscoting is where some sort of tin or sheeting goes 1/3 up the wall and protects the building from the snow.

A total of 12 people showed up to help measure, cut and drill the tin to the side of an old barn down Nield String. Many people love to provide service to people and that includes the people who were part of this project.

SERVICE PROS: The students and teachers who took part in the Nield Barn service project pose in front of the finished product. (left to right) Clancy Olenslager , Kyler Allred, Mike Mattson, Dallas Warren, Tyson Balls, Hazen Erickson, Branden McDonald, Jayden Nield, Rj Cazier, Kate Linford and Claire Green. Photo: Kaylee Wolfley

Junior Claire Green said, “It was freezing cold at 8:00 A.M., and I could’ve slept in, but instead I decided to go do service with my friends. It was hard work but worth it, knowing I helped someone who needs it. It feels really good to serve.”

LENDING A HAND: Claire Green grabs a chalk box to make a line to cut the tin down to the correct size while Kate Linford and Jayden Nield measure it out. Photo: Kaylee Wolfley

“It makes me feel very good to help the community because I’m a man built for others, and I enjoyed being part of the project. But my favorite part was going and spinning cookies after we were done,” said junior Branden McDonald.

Junior Kate Linford said, “Service makes me feel really good inside, and I love that you get to do something for someone else and that you get to help them out, even though it may be something small for you it could mean a lot to someone else.” She was also asked what her favorite part of the service project. “I don’t know if it was my favorite part, but Mr. Warren could have cut my toes off so that was sort of exciting. We also got donuts so duh that’s at the top,” she said.

CLOSE CALL: Kate’s near loss of her toes caught on camera. Photo: Jayden Nield





Junior Rj Cazier said, “Providing service for others makes me feel like a nice guy. It was great to be a part of it even though I felt like I did more work than Hazen and Branden, but it’s okay. My favorite part was the encouragement I got from Mr. Warren.”




WORKING HARD: RJ Cazier screws tin to the side of the barn as Mr. Warren observes and tells him how well he’s doing. Photo: Jayden Nield

Mr. Mike Mattson said, “Providing service to others makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”








PROVIDING ENCOURAGEMENT: Mr. Mattson looks in on how the students are doing while attaching the tin to the south side of the barn. Photo: Kaylee Wolfley










ALL SMILES: Kyler Allred prepares to drill into the side of the barn. Allred says, “Providing service makes me feel good, I guess.” Photo: Kaylee Wolfley

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Braves Get Hands Dirty