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Kilroy Stays Busy Rippin Laps on the Dirt

Wyatt Brylinski, staff writer

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Growing up in Star Valley, many spend their summers in the mountains riding dirt bikes with friends and family or putting around the farm, creating exiting memories and injuries in the process.

Junior Preston Kilroy takes riding his dirt bike further than you do and is no spring chicken to the sport. In fact, he has been riding since he was 4 and has been racing since 6 years old—an impressive amount of time, and he kicks major butt. When Kilroy is absent from school, everyone knows he’s at major race hauling A.

Mountain Star spoke with Kilroy to find out what makes this biker tick:

Q: How do you prepare for races?

A: “I usually do some cardio stuff like riding my road bike or running, and ride as much as possible.”

Q: What is your favorite thing to do outside of racing?

A: “I love to ride my bike up in the mountains.”

Q: Whats your current bike?

A: “My current bike is a KTM 125 sx or KTM 250 sxf.”

Q: What do you see in your future of racing?

A: “My future in racing is to try and become a factory rider and become a pro.”

Q: What motivates you?

A: “Just the thought of getting to ride my dirt bike motivates me.”

Preston Kilroy doesn’t just charge the coarse, he charges it with style.

Kilroy catching some major air.

Kilroy throwing a huge whip.

Kilroy dragging bars and throwing dirt.

Kilroy knows where he wants his racing to go and he’s working  extremely hard to get there.


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Kilroy Stays Busy Rippin Laps on the Dirt