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Athletes Must Balance School and Sports

Olivia Muir, Staff Writer

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Picture this, you get home late from practice sore and tired. You have a mountain of homework to do and you still haven’t eaten dinner. Budgeting time between sports, school, and social life is the predicament many student athletes face every year.

In the United States high school athletes practice an average of 10 – 12 hours a week. On top of that the average student is in school for 30 hours each week. Athletes are spending up 25% more time on their schedules because of sports. Despite the added challenges, balancing sports and school works is possible. Many students in Star Valley High School deal with the added pressure everyday. What is the best ways student athletes can manage a successful sports career as well as keep up on their school work?

One of the most useful things an athlete can do is to stay on top of school work is to take it easier on yourself after practice. Trey Waldron, hard working senior, said, “I get as much done in class as I can. Sometimes I have to have late nights that I just have to cry through.” It is very important to stay on top of things. Do not let yourself get behind in any of your classes.

Another way to ensure success is to set goals and work to achieve them. Let’s say you set a goal to continue sports after high school. It is absolutely necessary to maintain a solid GPA. Setting a goal it makes it so much easier to stay motivated. Senior Jamie England said,  “As an athlete I realize that school is very important, and it is necessary in my life. So it is worth sacrificing late nights doing homework to keep my grades up. It is also worth staying late to practice on my dance.”

No matter what sport you are in, you will miss some school sometime. The homework will almost seem endless; however, as athletes it is your job to stay responsible and get all your work done. There are no special privileges that come with the job of an athlete. Athlete’s accept the extra responsibilities that come with the job. The worst feeling in the world is letting your team down when you are not eligible to play because of your grades. Don’t let yourself or your team down. Stay on top of your grades and be diligent in your practice.

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Athletes Must Balance School and Sports