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Students Reveal Embarrassing Moments

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Students all have an embarrassing moments in school. Whether it involved peeing, ripping your pants, or something worse. For example, while speaking to SVI Media, I said we were under dogs in the game, but I also said we were ranked #2 and Jackson was ranked #3; in reality, we were #3 and they were #2.


Tanner Thompson

“I got put in at QB as a sophomore and the next drive I forgot to go out so they played with no QB.”











Spencer Larson

“I woke up with a huge spider bite on my forehead and it was the first week of freshmen year.”














Taylor Shanor

“I jumped out of a truck in the parking lot and got road rash and ripped my new jacket.”














Morrea Morgan

“I tried to do a cool trick freshman year at a football game and fell on my butt in front of the whole student section.”











Cloe Thomson

“I was doing my squat max and I ripped my brand new shorts.”














Trayson Gardener

“I was a freshmen and was talking to a cute senior girl and I tripped and fell in front of her.”







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Students Reveal Embarrassing Moments