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Sick Whips of The School

Tony Reyes

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Star Valley High school is home to many things: great sports programs, amazing social clubs, superior music programs, and cars?

Cars are an important part of student life. Whether you drive a sweet sports car or an old classic, your car defines who you are.

Let’s check out the Sick Whips of the School:

Will Johnson: 

Drives: Ford Aspire

Nickname: Blue Bomber x2

Favorite Thing: “I love the sub in the back, and it’s a manual; she goes 0-60 in about 33 seconds.”

Kenna Allred:

Drives: Mini Cooper Countryman

Nickname: Kirby

Favorite Thing: “It’ll beat James’s car in a race any day.”

Peter Visser:

Drives: Mercedes Benz E Class 500

Nickname: Bethany

Favorite Thing: “It’s super fast and comfy, and it’s just a Benz

 for the Boyz.”

Cooper Weston:

Drives: Dodge Cummins

Name: Renegade

Favorite Thing: I love revving through Main Street in my loud boy truck.”

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Sick Whips of The School