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ACT Prep/Exploration Replaces Guided Reading for Some

Jayden Nield

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Changes with the way  the class that used to be known as Guided Reading came with the new school year. It is no longer called Guided Reading but is now known as Exploration.

The year students get to choose from multiple different classes to keep them occupied in the time between 2nd hour and lunch. Some examples of these are Mental Strength with Mr. Patterson, Robotics with Mr. Balls or there is also the traditional option where you simply read a book, still offered by some teachers. ACT Prep, also one of the many options, is probably the most beneficial of the choices for juniors because it helps them prepare for the mandatory ACT Test in April.

The ACT Prep class that is offered during Mrs. Clinger’s exploration. Everyday the students in the class practice for the ACT by taking many different versions of practice tests on the website where tests are available for every subject they will see on the ACT in the Spring.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: The website helps the students in ACT Prep to better prepare for future tests and get the feel of what the actual test may be like.

Junior Lacy Coles said, “I think it is beneficial and every junior should take it because it better prepares them. It is also a perfect way to study for the ACT.” Many other students in the class feel the exact same way.

Another Junior taking the Exploration class, Nate Matthews, said, “I like that we take exact ACT tests so we can get the feel for it a lot better. I also took the actual ACT Prep class that is available, and it definitely helped raise my score in the math portion of the ACT when I took it last year.” For students who are looking for ways to best prepare for the ACT, both classes can help with that.

Junior Dean Shaw said, “I think it is a good class because it is helping me get the feel for it and know how quick [sic] I need to answer the questions to finish the test in time.” With there being a limited amount of time for every test, sometimes it is not possible to finish in time, but by practicing the test students have a better chance at finishing because they have become used to the time limit.

HARD AT WORK: Emma Graham sits down and begins to take one of the many practice tests available for the math portion of the ACT, Test 37. Graham said, “ACT Prep helps me feel prepared for our upcoming ACT tests. I think it has benefitted me quite a bit.”

Dedicating the whole 30 minutes between 2nd hour and lunch to preparing for the ACT may be different than the old guided reading, but Exploration choices like this one still help students succeed.

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ACT Prep/Exploration Replaces Guided Reading for Some