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School Store Offering New Stock

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     As the years pass all things must change. Our School Store is no different. As Mr. Simpson, the previous School Store adviser, retired last year, Mrs. Philpott stepped up and took over the hefty job of insuring that students are offered both nutritious and delicious options at the School Store. This year Star Valley High School, following Federal Law, joined the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a group founded by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation in order to combat childhood obesity. When our school joined the alliance we also joined a group who have made it their goal to “create healthy changes that build upon one another and create a system, a nation, that makes the healthy choice the easy choice.”

     Students of Star Valley High School have already begun to notice the changes brought by the alliance as our School Store has swapped up its inventory. The School Store now follows guidelines set by the alliance which state that any item sold must contain less that 200 calories and a similarly limited amount of fats, sodium, and sugars. School Store Managers Kadee Johns and Emerald Buttram explained that the new guidelines have caused the School Store to quit selling various popular items such as fruit snacks, muffins, nut rolls, and nachos.  Johns said “Many students are disappointed with the changes, but they haven’t taken the time to look at what we do have. We have some very good, new items.”

With the new guidelines, the school has new items such as assorted diet sodas, dried fruit, Cheeto Puffs, pop-tarts, and various other goods. Buttram made it very clear that some items such the juice box are a “5 stars out of 5 stars sort of thing.” Johns noted that although she really enjoyed discontinued items such as muffins and fruit snacks, “it will be good to provide students with healthier options.”

New Guidelines from The Alliance for a Healthier Generation


SMART SNACKS: The School Store has a new inventory consisting of Pop-tarts, dried fruit, Chex Mix, and many other goodies.

     Other students are not as excited as Johns and Buttram, however, as their favorite items are now missing from the store. Senior Ethan Rogers felt “[the change is] not very cool. We should have more variety. It shouldn’t be all full-on healthy stuff.” It seems students of Star Valley High School want more choice in what they buy.  Junior Ottessa Olsen said, “I was obviously upset there were no muffins. It should be my choice. I understand that the School Store has the right to choose what they sell, but as high schoolers, we’ll be on our own in a couple years. We need to learn the importance of healthy options, not just be forced to eat healthy because it’s the only option.”

For many people having healthier choices at the school store doesn’t change their eating habits. Senior Chloe England mentioned that as she’s an upperclassman who goes off campus during lunch, that “the changes haven’t affected [her] at all.” It seems that in order to truly see a healthier future, the students of Star Valley High School need to learn how to make those decisions for themselves.

Johns and Buttram explained that as the year goes on, the inventory of the School Store will be constantly changing to meet the expectations of our students, so, if students are disappointed with the changes now, they shouldn’t be by the end of the year. School Store Managers will continue to provide Star Valley High School with a place to conveniently buy worthwhile snacks.


Edit on October 2nd, 2018: Wording in the first paragraph was changed. The first published version of this article was not clear that Star Valley High School is joining the Alliance for a Healthier Generation due to Federal Laws. Mrs. Philpott has since commented to the Mountain Star, “If it were up to me we’d be selling Snickers and ice cream, but I want to make sure we’re following the law properly.” This clarification has raised new questions among the Staff here at The Mountain Star, like, “Are National Laws preventing kids from learning healthy eating habits or do they actually help?” Either way, we apologize for any inconvenience due to our error. 


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  1. India Romero on September 28th, 2018 11:44 am

    I agree with my brother Ethan. Some junk food would be nice. Although I must say, I would TOTALLY eat fruit snacks if they were a bit less expensive.

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School Store Offering New Stock