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Architectural Design Opening Career Doors

RJ Cazier

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Architectural Design-

Architectural design, the southern-most classroom in the school, teaches the basics of designing buildings. Students are asked to draw and design a house to show their abilities and creativity as a starter project.

The next activity is for the students to individually research a style of architecture and present it as a Powerpoint. Learning what goes into a house of the future is next on the agenda. Lastly, designing a house on a computer and printing it out with a 3D printer will close out the semester. Here is what some students had to say about this class.


Junior Dean Shaw took this class because he has had some previous experience in architecture and has liked it. Shaw said, “I know I liked architecture, but I never knew it would be such a blast.” He is also in the fourth hour class with Mr. Balls.

Junior Wyatt Brylinski took this class to get a vocational credit. He said, ”This class is a good ‘ole time. Drawing houses is fun.” Wyatt is in the fourth hour class with Tyson Balls.













Senior Wyatt Moore took this class because he didn’t know what else to take. He said, ”I don’t do a lot in this class, but when I do I couldn’t be more enthused.” Moore is in the only hour this class is taught.

Teacher Mr. Tyson Balls had some words to describe the class. He said, “Architecture has always been a passion of mine, so I love teaching it. I also love this class because it opens the students’ minds about a career in this field.  This is the first year that I am teaching this class, and it is super fun. I have a really good class with lots of creative hardworking kids.”

Not many students consider a career in architecture, and this class is a great opportunity to broaden horizons and open minds to a career in this field. Whether it is learning computer software to design a home or making the 3D model, this class is super fun and a great choice if you are searching for a vocational credit.

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Architectural Design Opening Career Doors