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Wild Child Workin

Students Work to Pay the Bills.

Katelin Linford

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We’ve reached a point in our lives where work has come an essential part of an otherwise fun summer of partying. How else are we supposed to afford eating out at the under construction “getto” Bromlims family grocery store? Some kiddos even have the sad, sorry privilege of having multiple jobs. Either way, mula is very important to us because we are incapable of loving simply the “little things.” Let’s face it, teenagers are totally trash. Let us nosedive into the personal lives of Star Valley’s very own student body and see what these busy beavers have been doing to acquire their money for taco Tuesday and more.


Claire posing for a picture because she thought it would help her get a tip—it didn’t.

Claire “Bear” Green

Where were you working your tail off this summer?

“The new hot spot in town, Star Valley Sodas.”

Did you like your job?

“It was absolutely fantazzlemazing”

Did you make bank?

“I’d say a decent amount of bank yes.”

What are your thoughts on your uniform?

“I wear a hat and apron which I think really brings out my eyes and personality.”

Could you afford to buy your boyfriend a present?

“No, I have too many”


RJ will be starting an “all plastic” fashion line this fall.

RJ “The Purge” Cazier

Where have you been getting a paycheck from?

“The Weed and Pest.”

What was your favorite thing about work?

“I got off at 2 so that was nice.”

Would you say you made enough money to buy all of your girlfriends a gift?

“If I had some girlfriends, yes, I could.”

Are you a spender or a saver?

“Probably a saver.”


Morea Morgan said this was her favorite day of the year because it was the last day she had to work.

Morrea “What her friends say but it’s inappropriate for school newspaper” Morgan

Where did you cry tears of sadness at this summer?

“Cedar Creek Pool in Star Valley Ranch.”

Favorite part of the day?

“When I got to leave.”

Dream job?

“Competitive Pop Pong Player.”

Have you ever been tempted to quit?

“Only everytime I get scheduled.”

What would you buy if you made more than minimum wage?

“I’d buy myself a date with Justin Bieber.”


Bran “Big Barn” McDonald

Where were you “working” at this summer?

“B&H Auto Repair by Dirk Hillyard.”

Did you ever want to quit?

“There was a low point in my life when I wanted to quit, but ya know, you just gotta power through and not be wimp.”

Favorite memory from work?

“I was changing the oil in someone’s car, and I was tossing the oil filter off (it was a big one) and about a quart of oil dumped over my head, then I got to go home.”

Quote your boss.

“Get off your #@$#@% and get to work.”

Did you make bank?

“Most definitely not.”

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  1. yeetondastreet on September 18th, 2018 11:30 am

    Lol I didn’t even work this summer

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