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Guided Reading Rumors Dispelled

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There have been many rumors concerning the Guided Reading course for the 2018-2019 school year and what the class may look like. Some rumors you may have heard include a complete removal of the course, a requirement of the course for all classes, or even just the same course with slight adjustments. Suggestions have been made and meetings have been called over the matter, and propositions have been submitted. The favored proposition comes from Assistant Principal Kory Hokanson:


Vice Principal Kory Hokanson

“As of now, we plan on keeping the long lunch for seniors that meet the ACT cut scores, same as in the past. We would like students to have a choice in an academic exploration opportunity. This class must meet academic standards because this time is instructional time. A teacher will have to be willing to teach the course in order for it to be offered. Therefore, just because something is a possibility, it doesn’t mean the course will be offered every semester or at all.”

The course would be Pass/Fail, and literacy projects would still take place on Wednesday’s.

Possible Academic explorations range from FFA, Robotics, Art, to ACT prep, life skills, and drama.

This proposal enables students to specialize in something they’re interested in, and gain a little more experience while doing so, which would prove beneficial to the student body.”

Discussions are still taking place and any final decisions are pending.

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Guided Reading Rumors Dispelled