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Memorable Seniors Leave Mark

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As the class of 2018 nears graduation, there are those that will go down in the history books, for better or for worse. Here’s a look at some of the students that will be remembered for years to come at SVHS.

Josh “Fat Randy” Dawson:

Aside from Randy’s impressive two year football stint, Randy will also be remembered for his cheeseburger eating career. The man ate 13 cheeseburgers in 30 minutes. A feat that still stands to this day. This gut-wrenching feat will be talked and whispered about for generations to come. “I mean I straight up failed a Chemistry test the next hour as I sat in pain as my body tried to clear out the cholesterol,” said Dawson.

Tanner “Pip” Larson.

Pip could be remembered for many things, but what people have come to associate him to best is the navy blue minivan. “Pearl,” has seen a great many things in its high school career. From kids packed 13 deep on her seats, to being rocked onto two wheels in the parking lot, students know to look out when Pip has Pearl flying down the road. “It’s been a blessing to have a minivan. You have extended room that corresponds with its sleek style,” Pip said proudly.


Jayce Wolfley:

Pretty self explanatory here.


Brenna “Skelator” Battleson:

Brenna Battleson has had a good sports career at SVHS. This year she set her sights on becoming an elite basketball player. She ran the point guard position for the Lady Braves this season and was rather money from the three point line. This is not what she will be remembered for, however. “Skeletor,” a term minted by Cosmo Morgan, is school renowned and is iconic to her. If you hear someone yell out the “Skeletor call,” you know Brenna is in the vacinity.


These Seniors will be remembered for various reasons. But all the same, they will leave as legends of SVHS.

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  1. Josh Brandt on May 14th, 2018 3:18 pm

    I am going to miss my best friends Troy and William they both make me laugh


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Memorable Seniors Leave Mark