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Students Reflect on Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Kambel Jenkins, staff writer

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Wisdom teeth. Everybody dislikes them, especially when they have to be taken out. You have all seen the videos on Youtube or Instagram people higher than kites say things they normally wouldn’t say. Read on for your classmates’ experience with wisdom tooth removal.

Jared Hale: “It was a crazy experience, having it be my first surgery of any sort. With this surgery they put me under for the first time, and that stuff is nuts. They call it laughing gas for a reason. When I woke up, I said some things to my mom that I would have never said if I wasn’t high. All in all, I have recovered fully, and now I can eat anything I want again.”

Kaden Robinson: “So, I got mine out over Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t eat anything. It was absolutely terrible. The only thing that got me through it was ice cream and pain killers. It made my gums bleed, my mouth ache, and my soul slowly die.”

Justee Hebdon: “When I got mine out, I didn’t really feel any different. I just wanted to sleep all day. I couldn’t eat which was a challenge because I eat way more than I probably should. One thing I did was run up the stairs and spit blood everywhere.”

Nobody likes getting their wisdom teeth out. They are painful, and the blood you swallow from the stitches kind of sucks and tastes nasty, unless you like blood, which is cool. If you don’t have to get them out, don’t. Save yourself having to eat yogurt and popsicles for a week and embarrassing yourself on video.


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Students Reflect on Removal of Wisdom Teeth