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Draney Completes 100 Mile Race. Again

Cosmo Morgan, staff writer

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Spanish teacher? The famous Ty Draney has a a hidden talent and habit of running. Yes, running, the sport that most people refrain from trying and participating in.

Draney not only coaches runners, but he also takes time to train and compete in crazy long runs called “100’s” himself, named because participants have to run for 100 long miles. These races are for the elite only. Draney has coached of the cross country and indoor/outdoor Track for 18 years and counting and been nominated as state coach of the year 11 times and regional coach of the year 24 times.

Needless to say, he knows how to coach and run the sport. He most recently raced in Alaska at an event called the White Mountain 100.



What are some of the foods you eat and how often do you snack while running?

“I try to eat or drink around 250 calories per hour.  I use several First Endurance products (EFS Pro and EFS liquid shots). I let my stomach an appetite determine the rest.”  

What do you think about while running?

“Whatever I want! It usually takes a while before I can “check out” of everyday life and just focus on the task at hand.  Most of the time I’m monitoring my fueling, effort, and in the case of this race, trying to keep parts from freezing.”  

Is running on snow or mud worst?

“That is a very good question.  I’m much more practiced running in the snow; however I lived for 3 years on the Oregon Coast and I like the mud.  Luckily I seem to do better when conditions get extreme.”

What are the key to focus on while running a race that is so long?

“Fueling, exposure to the elements, staying focused.”

Do you listen to music? How do you pass the time while running long distances?

“I do listen to music some of the time.  For me, if I listen to music all the time it can become tiresome and a distraction, but some good, angry music well-timed in a race can be motivating and a real performance boost.”

What are the best running shoes for snow?

“Everyone has a system that works for them.  I chose the Hoka Evo Jawz because of their light weight and great traction.  I paired them with winter socks and a pair of mountain bike shoe covers for extra warmth.”

Draney’s choice of shoes for winter runs.

Draney would happily teach you Spanish or see you for track trying to keep up with his dogged pace.

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Draney Completes 100 Mile Race. Again