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Spring Breakers Visit Exotic Locations

Kambel Jenkins, staff writer

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Spring Break is one of the best times of school year. Getting a break from school work and going to places outside the valley really makes a big difference for the rest of the school year. It seems like a lot of people went to some pretty exotic places during the first month of April. The rest went to St. George. Read on for the the experiences a few lucky travelers had, in their own words.

Josh Dawson: “A cruise is everything that make me happy in life. Food, women, and surfing. We went to Haiti, Jamaica, and Cozumel. The ship I was on was 15 stories tall and 1186 feet long. This ship was massive. On the ship there was two rock climbing walls and two artificial waves to ride on and too many 24/7 buffets.”

Jared Hale: “Hawaii was amazing. We were off the coast of Oahu on our own private charter, and it was an experience I’m never going to forget. 3-5 miles out we caught Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and sharks. After fishing, we would play along the beach where I got a gnarly sunburn/tan. We also went to the Polynesian Cultural Center which is a must-see thing. It is so dope seeing how the different tribes and how they each survived on the different islands. The food there was so good. All of the sea food was so fresh, and the shrimp trucks served the best shrimp I’ve ever had. One thing I was surprised about is all the chickens free roaming. I swear I saw close to 10,000 chickens on the island just walking around doing whatever they wanted too. But all in all, the trip was amazing and I will cherish the memories forever.”

Ronnie Julian Kaye III: “I went to Cancun-Riviera Maya. I stayed at a hotel called Iberostar, went jet skiing. I also chilled on the beach and got me a nice tan and went swimming in the pool. I also went to this sick disco with some buddies I met while in Mexico. They came from Michigan, California, and New York. Another fun thing I did was go snorkeling, and, of course, I ate as much food there as possible. Overall, it was a great Spring Break, and I will go back one of these days.”

Spring Break is a sign that school is almost out, a time to get away from the cold Wyoming weather for a while and go to exotic places with your family or with friends. It is always a good time.

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  1. Josh Brandt on April 30th, 2018 3:30 pm

    I went to Rexburg to shoot pool for my spring break


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Spring Breakers Visit Exotic Locations