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Former Braves Athletes Now Teaching at SVHS

Macy Erickson, staff writer

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Julie Erickson drives to the basket to score against the opposing Lander Tigers. Although she currently teaches at SVHS, she played there in the 80’s.

Despite who is talked about all of the time, student athletics was not always centered around Olivia Muir, Caitland Erickson, Josh Dawson, Gavin Patterson, or any of the current students here at the high school.

In fact, in the days of yore, some of SVHS’s own faculty were once the hot topic when it came to Star Valley athletics. Assistant principal Mr. Rob Erickson played basketball and was an outstanding football player in his prime. His high school athletic career may explain his love for high school sports and endless support for today’s Braves and Lady Braves.

Spanish expert and respected cross country and track coach Ty Draney wasn’t always so heavily invested  in running, teaching, and tamales. In fact, he once rocked football cleats underneath those famed “Friday Night Lights” on Brave’s Field.

English teacher and menswear connoisseur Winston Patterson did not always stand on the sidelines or at the edge of a wrestling mat. He once had a full head of hair and the football and wrestling abilities of an outstanding athlete.

Sesquipedalian and Bilbo Baggins look alike Kelly Fullmer used to tear it up on the basketball court and football field but after tearing up his ACL, played golf his senior year.

McKay Erickson is another teacher who terrorized opposing teams on the football field and basketball court, despite his evident lack of height. Erickson said, “The most memorable thing, as I have looked over my life and my high school career, is the lessons that I learned from teamwork, competition, and skills that have paid off in other areas of my life. My athletic career is what got me interested in being a teacher and a coach.”

Brandy Taylor terrorized the net on the volleyball and basketball court.

Mr. Dahl Simpson strapped on the cleats and sneakers to compete for the Braves as a youngster as well.

Asst. Principal Kory Hokanson rocked the roundball on Friday nights for SV crowds as a teenager.

Last, but certainly not least, Julie Erickson used to rep a killer perm as well as a Lady Brave’s basketball jersey.

Although they may have handed in their school jerseys, these once famous athletes still participate in the excitement of sports by coaching or spectating from the comfort of the bleachers.

If you wish to inquire, some teachers may be more than delighted to reminisce on the “good ole’ days” and tell you a story or two. If you are feeling curious or are in need of a good laugh, check out some old yearbooks from the library to view images of your favorite teachers who once walked the hallowed halls of the old Star Valley High School. Be warned, though; basketball shorts did not always cover nearly as much as they should have!

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Former Braves Athletes Now Teaching at SVHS