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Read-A-Thon Sets Goal of 800 Books Read

J Scott, copy editor/staff writer

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Reading. The word probably brings to some of you images of being engrossed in a thick novel while being curled up in a comfortable chair. To others of you, the word probably brings up feelings of dread from the time you had to force your way through The Metamorphosis. At least, it would if anyone who disliked reading was reading this. After all, if you do not like reading, why would you read the school newspaper (unless your guided reading teacher is forcing you, in which case we express our condolences)?

Despite your personal feelings towards reading, if you attend school here at SVHS you have plenty of first hand experience with the activity. Guided Reading is a, let’s say, tolerated part of our schedule. The school district seems intent of finding ways to get the student body to read, but these attempts usually fall on deaf ears. Reading can be a really fun activity, but students do not like being forced to do something.

Another organization within the school is offering a way to increase student readership, and they are doing so in a much more relaxed and rewarding way. Our school’s library is running a goal to have the student body read a cumulative total of 800 books this month, a number that roughly shakes out to be one book for each student in the high school.

Librarian Mrs. Suloff explains:


Mrs. Suloff Is Ready to Get Kids Reading


Mrs. Suloff – Welcoming Librarian

What is this reading goal that the library is doing?

This is a student lead goal by two of my library aides Yoli Oussanov and Brock Motzcus. They decided that it would help get the library circulation up by setting a goal to read 800 books.

What happens if we reach that goal?

Mr. Bennet has approved that we’ll get to wear hats on a few upcoming Fridays if we reach this goal.

In your opinion, how important is reading?

I think that reading is the way that we gain knowledge. For instance, there are some books in here that only some of the kids read, and the kids who did tend to get 30 or above on the ACT. Overall, I believe that reading is life.


Since Yoli and Brock are in charge of setting this goal up, they weighed in on their involvement with the initiative.


Yoli Oussanov Helped Organize This Goal

Yoli Oussanov – Librarian-In-Training

Why did you decide to organize this?

We noticed that the people who were coming in to checkout books were a lot of the same people, and we thought it would be a fun way to get teenagers  back into reading with a fun reward.

In your opinion, how important is reading?

I personally think reading is so important. It really helps with your understanding of literature very gradually. It really helped me get a better score in English.


We have the month of February to get through 800 books. If everyone in the school were to just check out one book, that would be enough. However, there are some students around the school who are well known for reading at every opportunity. From the bus, to the lunch table, and even during lectures, some students just can’t get enough reading. Julia Pallan, one of these students, explains how she feels about reading.


Julia Pallan Reads All The Time

Julia Pallan – Future Ruthless Lawyer

How often do you read?

Everyday. The beginning of class, before bed, when my teachers stop talking…sometimes when my teachers are still talking…

What kind of books do you like the most?


What do you love most about reading?

Life is boring. Books are not.


Reading is an important part of our society. It is how we learn about the past, how we express our thoughts and opinions, and even how we just unwind from a long day. Hopefully we will meet the library’s goal, and not just so that we can wear hats on a couple days. Hopefully we meet the goal so that we can discover a love of reading.

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Read-A-Thon Sets Goal of 800 Books Read