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Healthy Habits Challenge LCSD2 Staff

Piper Thompson, staff writer

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Have your notice that your 3rd hour teaching is looking particularly svelte lately? That may not be by accident.

In Lincoln County School District #2, the staff members of each school are participating in the “Health Habits Challenge” set up by our school nurse, Chris Simpson. Teachers, secretaries, and cooks alike can choose to participate in a health challenge which consists of eating healthily, getting moving, and consuming a satisfactory amount of water. Currently Cokeville has 41 participants, while Thayne Elementary is in second place with 38. To motivate our staff members to participate, there is a weekly prize in every building. There is also a district drawing for participants who logged their “points” for drinking water, getting exercise, and eating fruits and veggies. Hopefully this instills a desire to live a healthier life in our staff and other educators in our district. Our very own Jayne Filibi is participating in the challenge and has been doing very well.

Q: How long has it been going on for, and how long will it continue to go on?
A: The challenge started January 22 and it goes for  6 weeks.
Q: What kinds of things must you do to get points?
 A: Each week a different challenge is added in addition to the previous week(s). Week one was exercise and participants were trying to get 30 minutes each day.  Week 2 is water and exercise.  Week 3 is eating fruits and veggies plus the water and exercise.  Week 4 is sleep/relaxation/stretching plus the fruit-veggie/water/exercise. Week 5 is giving up a vice plus the previous 4 and week 6 is showing gratitude plus the previous 5.
Q: What are the prizes?
A: The prizes vary, each school has their own drawing within their building. Our prizes so far have been gift cards to Subway/Amazon etc. for various amounts.
Everyone District wide that is participating will have a Subway lunch and be eligible for “Grand Prizes” from the District office.
Q: Why are you participating?
A: I am participating because it is something that I strongly believe in as far as trying to stay healthy and help set a positive example for my family, students, and peers to follow.
Q: Why should others participate? 
A: The reason others should participate is to try to set and maintain healthy goals.
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Healthy Habits Challenge LCSD2 Staff