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5th Hour Revised

Cosmo Morgan, staff writer

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New News: Sadly, there is no new news. In the State of Wyoming, schools are required to have contact hours that do not have required criteria to meet. In other words, we will be keeping 5th hour because we need to have time to complete our schoolwork. The school district and Mr. Bennett have passed a way to encourage students to utilize the 30 minutes at the end of the day.

5th Hour in the Past: Since 2013, 5th hour has been used more to help coaches and after school activities get started earlier. If you had a D or F, you were required to stay in the the class which you were not passing. This worked well until the start of 2016 where the school district wanted to give all students time to complete their homework. After all, school is for student-athletes too.

Mr. Fullmer shares some advice to Ronnie Kaye during a 5th hour visit.

These are the new 5 options for 5th Hour that started on the second week of January:

5th Hour – You can enjoy your regular old 4th hour teacher for another 30 minutes at the end of the day.

Athletes – Enter into the weight room with Coach Clark and warm up early resulting in shorter practices.

Musicians – If you play a instrument, you can jib out some jams in the music rooms.

Readers – The library is always open for readers who wants a peaceful atmosphere and comfy chairs.

Student Tutors – You can sign up at the office to help students with their school work. As a reward, you can get out of 5th hours on Fridays.


Mr. Frazier – Student Counselor 

“I think that recreating 5th hour will help out more students. Hopefully we [students] can figure it out so we don’t have to start earlier or end later. If students don’t attended this last period, we could be looking at giving a grade to effect the GPA.”




Eddie Clark- Weights Teacher/ Wrestling Coach/ 5th supervisor

“During 5th hour I will warm up kids and get them ready for practice early. By doing this, it will help eliminate time where students do anything at the end of the day. I also think that it will encourage students to get better grades and have a little bit more freedom.”




Doug Dickey – Senior 

“I disliked the whole idea of 5th hour. But I’m glad that they decided to let students with good grades choose where they get to spend 5th. I’m part of the play which is a good way to spend the last part of day.”





Addie Butler – Freshman 

“Although there is a lot of negative attitudes towards 5th hour, I use it wisely. I have noticed that people who complain about it are mostly the ones who need to use it. I think that every student should be able to find a way to use 5th hour appropriately.”




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