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Apple Sued in Battery Gate

J Scott, staff writer/copy editor

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Just imagine it. You are sitting at your desk, desperately scrawling notes in Notability during one of Mr. Nethercott’s slideshows. As you are trying (and failing) to understand the difference between P orbitals and D orbitals, a notification flashes on your iPad. You gulp as you realize what it says.

It says that it is time for you to update.

You look around as the class continues. You cannot just update now, in the middle of class. You would miss all of the notes! You quickly click a few buttons so that your iPad will update later that night, while you sleep. You sigh in relief, despite the fact that the update never happens during the night like it says it will.

This is something every student here at SVHS faces regularly. It seems that there is always a new update, and we always hear from the few unlucky ones who decide to actually go through with the update that it is the worst thing ever.

So you decided to not go through with the update. Did you make the right choice? Well, a recent lawsuit against Apple seems to say yes.

Recently Apple was sued for intentionally pushing out updates to older models of iPhones, although not iPads, that slow down the phone. Apple claims in their defense that they did this to help preserve the battery life of older models, but those suing them claim that Apple has done this to encourage people to abandon their now crippled older models and spend the money on the newest one.

Either way, the situation does not look good. And while this revelation does not apply to the updates on our beloved iPads, some people are concerned that if Apple is willing to do this to iPhones, who is to say that iPads are not far behind?

The Mountain Star interviewed several students here at SVHS to get their take on the current situation.

Cassie Clinger Learns About This Event

Cassie Clinger

Are you aware of the situation with Apple being sued?


[One quick explanation later]

How do you feel about that?

That is stupid. I feel bad for all the old people who don’t want to change their phone.

Do you think Apple should be sued?

Sure, go for it. I won’t be the one to do it, but do it.


Mrs. Fullmer Shares Some Insight On This Mess

(substitue teacher) Mrs. Fullmer

Are you aware of the situation with Apple being sued?

A little. It’s something to do with battery life, right?

How do you feel about this?

It stinks, and it’s not fair. You buy a product assuming it will perform a certain way, and for them to change that after you already own it is dishonest.

Do you think Apple should be sued?

Yeah, I think they offered it a certain way and should be liable for that.

This situation is still developing, and everyone will be watching to see how it unfolds. Hopefully it can resolved soon.

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Apple Sued in Battery Gate