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First Annual Winter Formal Sponsored by School Musical

On December 2nd the school musical program hosted the first Winter Formal girls choice dance. The dance was held at the Afton community center. Tara Johnson, musical director, headed up the winter formal this year. Johnson shared, “There wasn’t a club that wanted to throw Sadies this year. I thought it would be a good fundraiser for the musical. I have always felt we should do a girls ask formal dance because every girl deserves the chance to dress up in a pretty dress for an elegant evening.”

The venue differed from the average school dance. Johnson shared, “I took the civic center, and I am glad that I did; it added an element of classiness to the evening. When students are out of school they act nicer. The venue looked super romantic.”

Senior Kolby and date Grayson

Senior Kolby Sperry said she is partial to dances where the boys ask because she is shy. Sperry sported a black velvet dress with gold jewelry. Sperry’s group participated in a scavenger hunt and had gingerbread house wars.






Sophomore Riley Heward and her professional hair

Riley Heward took Brody Hillyard to the formal. They had a fancy dinner in a cabin and played many games. Heward was in the largest group in attendance at the dance. She sported a classic white dress.

back: Kaleb Petersen, Jordan Johnson, Traedon Broadhead, Jayce Wolfley front: Brooklyn Hamp, Grace Brown, Anna Linbloom, Justee Hebdon






Vanessa Jones, Tucker Merrit, Dexan Dance, Kenedy Elder, Izzy, Connor Pebbles, Kaleb Stephens, Allyson Lytle and Emmerald Buttram enjoying some informal time before the dance.

Miah Atwood and Alex Fluckinger sport the popular red look

Jamie England, Spencer Angell, Reese Fullmer, Daniel Delgado, Abby Thompson, Jordan Stauffer, Trevor Clark, Olivia Muir, Alec Erickson and Remi Roberts cheesin in front of the tree after a long day of activities and food.

Parker Merrit, Kierra Bulzomi, Gracie Erickson, David Castillo, Raynee Veigel, What Brylinski, Gracie Larose and Tony Reyes getting the classic Christmas tree photo for the parents.

Melanie, Tanner, Emmy, Wesley, Shalee, Zach

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