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SVHS Gets ALICE Training

J Scott, copy editor/staff writer

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Sadly, in the world we live in, it appears that school shootings and other terrible events happen every other day. In the difficult time we live in, we must be prepared to handle difficult situations, and that is what the ALICE training is.

ALICE is the process that the teachers are trained to follow in the event of an emergency. While it is best to let the teachers take charge when an emergency happens, it is still important to know what to do if you are ever in an emergency when there is not a teacher around.

Alert – Notify the appropriate authorities, and those in harm’s way, to your situation.

Lockdown – Lock down and barricade all entry points to your current location.

Inform – Give authorities real time updates.

Counter – As a last resort, confront the attacker. Do so only if you cannot lockdown, or the attacker is entering the lockdown room.

Evacuate – This is your end goal. You need to get away from the danger when it is safe to do so.

The teachers at SVHS recently had ALICE training, and we interviewed a couple of the teachers to see what they did.

What kind of training did you guys do?

Mrs. Philpott Made Some Changes After The Drill

Mrs. Phillpot 

– The superintendent came in to discuss some new state policies. It was mostly on student data protection and the use of technology. Brandon Henscheid, a psychiatrist, came in and did some suicide training, and he focused on alcohol and drug user, and how that affects that sort of thing. Oh, and we had a live shooter drill.

The Business Hall Added Shades To Their Windows To Better Avoid Any Potential Threats

How prepared were you for that?

I learned lots, but it’s hard to say if you can truly be prepared. It was definitely good to practice, and we in the business hall even made some changes. We put up some black paper to cover the windows, and our doors automatically locknow.

Do you think the outcome of the live shooter drill would have been different if you had 20 something kids to look after?


We did pretty good when it was just us. Only one person got “shot” I think. But it would definitely be different with kids. It would be great to practice with the whole school.


And it is this practice that students seem to be getting excited about. Several schools all around the valley have already had drills like this; namely Afton elementary, Osmond elementary, Etna elementary, and Cokeville high school, so it would seem that Star Valley high school would likely be next.

MS talked with School Resource Officer Strang about this.

Are there plans to do a live shooter drill at SVHS?


Has a date for this drill been decided?

I don’t know if anything has been decided, but we will be doing one.

What would a drill like this entail?

We would just follow the ALICE program, and the drill doesn’t just work here. It works at schools, the theatre, or at home. You locate where the danger is, you get away from the danger, and secure yourself. The old way was that you take shelter in place, but that’s changed now. You can’t be passive, you need to be proactive.

With all the crazy things that have been going on across the country, has there been more of a push lately to do these kind of drills.

Not really. We’ve always been proactive. There haven’t been as many drills lately, but our school district has always been proactive

What advice would you give to anyone who finds themselves in this kind of situation?

Be aware of your surroundings, use good judgement, and avoid the danger; whether it is a fire, a shooter, or just people fighting in the halls.


The world we live in can be a crazy place, so we need to be prepared for situations like this. Hopefully we will have this drill soon so we can be better prepared for whatever may come.

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SVHS Gets ALICE Training