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Armed Service Members Doornbus and Richards Share Thoughts on Veteran’s Day

Justee Hebdon, staff writer

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Veteran’s Day has come and gone, but did you even know why we celebrated it? Veterans Day is an official United States public holiday, observed annually on November 11, that honors military veterans; that is, persons who served in the United States Armed Forces, and schools take the time out of their days to honor these people.

There are people in this school that are going to be a part of the military. National Guard member and senior Jack Doornbus is one of those who may possibly risk his life one day to help protect our freedom. He said, “Veterans Day means remembering all of those who served and died serving the people of the United States. Being a soldier in the army, I carry a very large heritage and set of standards on my shoulders that I live up to every time in uniform or in a civilian world. I gave all my privileges and thanks to the servicemen and women before me.”

Senior John Richards has joined the Navy. He said, “Most people believe that a successful life consists of money, luxury, and a large house. Where this sounds appealing to many, there are a select few that throw their wealthy and luxurious future out the window to pursue a challenging life, filled with pain and struggle.  Less than one percent of America wakes up to pursue that life. These people make up the US Armed Service. These men and women have given everything, some even their lives, to defend people they don’t even know. Veterans Day is a day to celebrate and honor those who have served. To me, this is more than a day. It’s the one time of the year people specifically focus on my brothers and sisters who have served before me. It honors the ones who never came back from their deployment and recognizes the hero’s living among us. The life of a veteran can be challenging. Many leave the service with PTSD and almost no money. They proudly and willingly served to protect the citizens of the United States of America, and it is now our turn to give back to them. Even though Veterans Day is the time to honor these people, everyday should be Veterans Day. Everyday, we should take time to thank a veteran for everything they have given up for us. They are the ones who selflessly fought for and protected our rights and everyday lives. They are America’s hero’s.”

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Armed Service Members Doornbus and Richards Share Thoughts on Veteran’s Day