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Cold Weather Brings Winter Activities

Ways to take an Advantage of the Weather

Kaden Robinson, staff writer

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As snow blankets the mountains, people get ready for the winter activities. These can be delineated into two main groups: Students who enjoy shredding the powder on their skis and snowboards and students who oil up the sleds to tear up the mountains.

While a few select student competitively hill climb, many others enjoy riding in the backcountry. This often expensive hobby pushes your whole body to maneuver the sled. Here’s what some students think about riding:

Blane Smith: “I love riding. I do it every weekend I can. I go with family and friends, and it is a good time. I push myself to get better and better every time I go out.”

Cole Thomas: “I race in the RMSHA hill climbing circuit. I try to place higher and higher every race. I also ride backcountry, and I enjoy that.”

Brandon McDonald: “I go out with the boys on my sled and tear up the high country. I tried hill climbing, but I wrecked so I gave that up.”

Jack Doornbos: “I got a new sled this year and cannot wait to get it out and see how she runs.”

For years snowboarders and skiers have argued over which is better, but both take lots of practice and skill. With some of the best snow resorts around, here’s what some students think about shredding the slopes using their feet instead of their thumbs.

Justee Hebdon: “I don’t ski as much as I used to, but I love doing it. I like going to Cokeville because its close and cheap.”

Cosmo Morgan: “I go to Teton Village and shred on the best ski resort in the world. I have Sir Francis Bacon skis and they rip.”

Josh Dawson (Fat Randy): “Me and Papa Ted take his clients out and show them how to ski. I send it off cliffs and even tried a backflip. Afterwards I enjoy a nice cheeseburger.”

Makayla Finn: “I love going out and skiing. I love going on those back trails and going in trees.”


Since we have snow almost half of the year, most students here have learned how to play in the snow.

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Cold Weather Brings Winter Activities