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My best Halloween Costume Ever was . . .

Mikayla Finn, staff writer

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It is getting to be everyone’s favorite time of the year, fall! And Halloween is just around the corner. Hopefully everyone is thinking of how they plan to dress up this year.

Why do we dress up in costumes on October 31st anyway? If you think about it, it is pretty weird that we pick one day out of the year to dress up as someone or something else and go get candy from strangers’ houses. The history behind wearing costumes for Halloween dates all the way back to the Iron Age. It all started around the the Celtic holiday Samhain which took place when the weather was finally transitioning to winter. According to some historians, there was an actual day that spirits when to another realm. They picked October 31st because winter arrives the next day, killing off all their crops. They dressed up on this day in scary outfits to honor the tradition and scare away demonic spirits.


My best Halloween costume is…

Caroline Shumway: Last year I dressed up as one of my church leaders. It was fantastic! The reason I chose to be him was to really surprise him and make everyone laugh. I dressed up in suit and I dyed my hair black. I already had short hair so I figured why not just go all the way and die my hair black?! His reaction was priceless. 

Lily Moudel:My best costume was when I dressed up as a creepy pasta. For those you who do not know what that is, it is a character from suicide stories about teens. I was a mix between Jane and Jeff the killer. I dyed my hair black, painted my skin more white than what it is, wore wore contacts that made my eyes look all white, and made my skin look like broken porcelain. It was great! I have a funny story along with this costume too. I went trick-or-treating with this kid in Alpine. We went to Old Alpine and were scaring kids, like normal teenagers. We accidentally scared an old man and he threw oranges at us, so I threw it back at him, and it went into to his house and broke his sink. 

Taylor Haderlie: I dressed up as a monster. I had really cool leggy things. I love Halloween because of all the different things you can dress up as and no one can really judge you.



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My best Halloween Costume Ever was . . .