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What’s your Brew?

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The mornings can be hard without your drink of choice. But what about afternoons and long math classes? Students and faculty always will pass up the six water fountains in search of a more satisfying libation. Maverick has over 30 feet of cold beverages for your drinking pleasure. So the question isn’t when, but what is your brew?


The Classic Cup of Coffee – Eddie Clark  

Coach Clark can pound over a liter of coffee a morning. He will drink straight from his thermostat. When asked about his coffee consumption, he and his students said that he needs it to deal with all the ignorant kids who take his class.


If you drink this: You’re grumpy without this and your favorite place to buy is probably Starbucks.


Liquid Nitrogen – Payton Erickson 

Star Valley’s Quarterback does settle for low caffeinated drinks, sometimes. But mostly he chooses RedBull. When you see him in the halls sipping his brew, you better watch out because he believes he has wings!


If you drink this: You are the one that starts to rock the whole car, thinking your outgoing.


Dr. Peppy Pepper – Dawson “DB” Erickson


The DB doesn’t ever stop handing out handshakes because he is all jacked up on Dr. Pepper! Make no mistake: without the Good Doctor, he will not hand out any handshakes or shine his dank spirit.


If you drink this: You mix the drink with coconut flavoring and will let anyone ride in your car to lunch.


White Lighting – Kaden W Robinson 

Kaden hasn’t gone without out his brew for 94 days. Its sugar free with a lot of kick. The 3.5 serving cans are the way to go, as KWR would say. In the summer, he spends around 175 dollars on them to push through long work days at the LCF.

If your drink this: You have troubles with girls’ parents and authority figures in general.



Comment about your drinks and brews in the comments below! Don’t forget to tell us why they are so legendary!








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What’s your Brew?