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Ending Violence Assembly Informs Student Body

Will Johnson, staff writer

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Many of us attended the assembly on Thursday, the 26th of September  “We End Violence” given by Jeffrey S. Bucholtz. Bucholtz came to us with a powerful message about ending domestic and sexual violence. He talked about treating others with respect and being a power for good.

Some facts about Jeff Bucholtz:

  •  Director of We End Violence
  • An outgoing president of the San Diego Domestic Violence Council
  • An award-winning instructor at Southwestern College where he teaches Oral Communication
  • Public speaking consultant with Speak for Success

Junior Wyatt Moore attended the assembly and said,  “The biggest thing that I learned from Jeff was definitely that we as guys need to always treat women with respect and always make everyone feel like they belong and they matter”.

Another opinion of assembly’s message came from Mr. Josh Frazier. He said, “Respect for each other, respect of differences, respect of gender, and respect of individual choices. The golden rule applies here ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’  The 2nd message was to be an “Agent of Change. Do something, step out of the norm and make a difference. Doing nothing when something needs to be done means you are accepting things as they are and condoning poor behavior that then further erodes our school or society. Do something!”

Remember Jeff Bucholtz’s message, do your part to end violence in any way, make sure you treat others with respect, and act to end poor behavior.


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Ending Violence Assembly Informs Student Body