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All-State Music Season is here

Mathew Helgesen, Author

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Every year we have kids from our outstanding music department excel above and beyond others, musicians who perform in various music groups outside of school. One of the better well-known places where these young musicians shine outside the valley is all-state.

All-state encompasses band, choir, orchestra, jazz choir, and jazz band; all of these group members auditioned to compete against everyone else auditioning in the state of Wyoming in that category. The audition, very difficult for most musicians, consists of a mix between selected technical and expressive excerpts, major scales, and usually sight reading or improvisational playing. These auditions require several weeks of constant practice and repetition, but the efforts can have a great reward if you choose to put in enough time and effort to actually make the all-state competition.

The kids who try out for all-state shoulder a heavier load than the other people in their music groups because not only do they have to do well on their own music, but they also have to prepare for a higher caliber of musicality than what they have normally been preforming at. This year is an even more difficult audition because all-state officials have changed the way the audition is done.

There are twelve major scales in music, and in this audition you must play two of them from memory. The musicians have no idea what two scales they have to play until a week before the audition, so if their scales are not completely memorized, then they have a very difficult time learning two from memory in a week. The band director Mr. Sand has told his students to memorize the scales months in advance from the audition because the scales are all the same, and if you have the scales down perfectly then you have half of your audition done before it even starts.

Why would someone want to even try to something as difficult as this though?

Ashlynn Gilbert: “I think all-state would be a great experience for me. I hope to meet other amazing musicians and improve my own musical skills while helping the other people in band improve theirs from what I learn there.”

Q:”Do you think you will be ready for your audition?”

Ashlynn: “I feel like I will be ready. I preform well under pressure.”

Sara Frome: “I want to do all-state because I want to challenge myself.”

Q: “What do you think you can get out of doing all-state?”

Sara: ” I can become better as a musician and expand my musical comfort zone.”

Both of these girls are very determined to make their Allstate auditions. They have been practicing with the other musicians in hopes of making it, and we all hope that everyone here who tries out succeeds.

Allstate has always been a prestigious event, and it is an excellently to improve yourself and further your love for music. These events can lead into music scholarships and ways to get into different groups and achieve amazing things in music.

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All-State Music Season is here