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What Do The Stars Say About You – Pluto Week

J Scott, Staff Writer

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It has been close to three weeks since we last shared with you the weekly horoscope, and with the planet Mercury finally returning to normal, communication should be stabilizing once more and a sense of normalcy should encompass your life. However, this is just a momentary abatement as Pluto is now soaring across the sky in yet another retrograde cycle bringing with it a deep sense of inward reflection. Pluto, being the planet of intrigue and interest in the world around us, is now being inverted by this movement making us all look inward this week, rather than outward.

While this can be a good thing, make sure you do not lose sight of what is truly important. The world is a confusing and interesting place, and navigating it normally is difficult enough. Be aware of the world around you, especially the people in it.

Here are the horoscopes of a few students at SVHS.

Annie Peck (Not Pictured) Is A Capricorn

Horoscope: Recognize the limitations you have placed inside of yourself, and completely disregard them. Shed your insecurities and act from your heart.

Q: How do you feel about that prediction?

A: Sounds like a good thing to do, maybe I’ll try it!




Jackson Day Is A Gemini!

Horoscope: The last couple of months may have been rough for you, but as things calm down and you repair any damages, you must ask yourself what’s next, and how to improve.

Q: How do you feel about that prediction?

A: I mean, it sounds pretty good, but the last couple of months haven’t been that hard for me, so . . .



Julia Pallon Is A Leo!

Horoscope: This is the time for self improvement. Whatever it is that you feel you’ve been lacking in, this is the time to start fixing it.

Q: How do you feel about that prediction?

A: It sounds like this is the time for me to get a boyfriend!



Here are the horoscopes that were not featured in this article.

Pisces – Questions regarding friends and social groups might be answered this week. You will feel more connected to your inner circle than normal. Cherish this.

Aquarius – This week could help you begin to realize just how old grudges and unresolved issues have been affecting you. This would be a good time to resolve those issues.

Sagittarius – You may realize that you have been under appreciated for the past couple of weeks, and this is the week that you stand up for yourself and earn what you deserve.

Scorpio – This is the week of communication for you. Unlike what is typical for Scorpios, you may notice that communicating with other people is now a breeze.

Libra – For the past couple of months, your personal life may have been hectic, but that ends now. The stormy skies will clear, and you will have time to reflect.

Virgo – Your personal life may have dulled down over the last couple of months, but now is the time to spice it back up. Get out, meet new people, have fun!

Cancer – During this week you could find a deeper sense of clarity or purpose that you have felt like you have been missing.

Taurus – For the last couple of months you may have been in an emotional stupor of sorts. But now is the time to wake up. Now is a good time to try new things, and meet new people.

Aries – During this week, you should dream big and go for it. You could be inspired to do new and inspiring things that you never even considered before.

It is an interesting week we have stacked up for us. Inward reflection, self improvement, and new opportunities. Good luck out there, SVHS.

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What Do The Stars Say About You – Pluto Week