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Podcast App Under Appreciated

Jamison Scott, staff writer

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Maybe some of you haven’t even seen this mysterious purple button on your iPad, but even if you have seen it, you probably haven’t clicked on it. However, today your ignorance persists no longer! Behind this button is an expansive world of infinite entertainment, and it is all at your fingertips.

A podcast by definition is an audio program that can be downloaded onto devices and is usually part of a greater series. It is a reminiscent of the countless radio dramas, comedies and talk shows that our parents listened to when they were our age. All sound, no visuals.

These podcasts could be about literally anything. Whatever it is you find entertaining, there is probably a podcast for it. Although our school only allows this app to play safe-for-work-podcasts, that doesn’t even begin to limit the innumerable number of shows available.

Here are a few podcasts that we recommend you try out and give a good listen.

StarTalk Radio

This podcast is the perfect way to catch up on science if you happened to miss a day. StarTalk Radio is hosted by the wonderfully intelligent astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. He, along with other guest celebrities and scientists, discuss astronomy, physics, and countless other things that Mr. Nethercott tried to teach you while you were too busy finishing a paper for English that was due next hour. On top of it all, it teaches you all of these things under a comedic light, making it silly, easy to understand and fun. Definitely a must-listen for any kid trying to survive their science class.





This podcast is a blend of history and phycological horror. Lore is a podcast that uploads new thirty minute episodes on a bi-weekly schedule. It retells the original horror stories that fuel all of our modern superstitions, and the scariest part is that each story is a true historic account. The already creepy stories are made even more disturbing with the knowledge that the story being told is real and has remained unexplained for centuries.






Welcome to Night Vale

Tune into the local radio station in the tiny town of Night Vale for this fictional epic. Welcome to Night Vale follows the life of Cecil Baldwin, the local radio talk showhost for the town of Night Vale in the middle of the Arizona desert. Life in Night Vale is strange to an outside observer, with mysterious pyramids appearing in the middle of a park, dragons running for mayor, and a powerful entity pretending to be a fly salesman, but most of the citizens are pretty chill with it all. However, the balance keeping the town from falling apart is thrown out the window when a scientist named Carlos moves into town to study the strange properties of the town. A must-listen for fans of mystery and absurdist humor.




These, merely a small sample of the potential entertainment that is in the podcasts app, will help you find endless entertainment and learning, something APPlicable in your everyday lives.

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Podcast App Under Appreciated