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Aerodynamic Class Shoots Rockets

DJI_0022 from svhs on Vimeo.

Dakota Hoyt, Staff Writer

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In Mr. Balls’ aerodynamics class,  students  recently got to experience the laws of physics and flight firsthand.

On May 9-11, students built and tested their own rockets to see how well they could fly. As expected, failures occurred, but the beautiful day was filled with the smoke of their engines and the shouts of ” heck ya bud!”

The class sent a drone up in the air to capture the moments of student success along with teamwork as these rocket scientists helped each other to get their rockets in the air.

It was a good time with some donouts, some rocket smoke, and a few good laughs while the principles of flight were put to the test.


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The student news site of Star Valley High School
Aerodynamic Class Shoots Rockets