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ALERT: Summer Approaching

Students plan to make the most of summer

Cosmo Morgan, Staff Writer

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Lincoln Country Fair 2015

The casual saying “lit” is an understatement for this upcoming summer. As a junior, I plan to make the most of summer by not letting a day go by without having any fun. Star Valley may be known for its deep snow, but I look forward to the summer more than the cold winter months. I love to go on dirt bike rides, jump off Grover bridge, and fish the Snake and Salt Rivers. August 7th marks the biggest event of the summer: the fair. Families and friends travel there for fried foods, carnival rides, and wild rodeos! MS asked 5 students to share what their plans, where they plan to work, what they are most excited about this summer, and their favorite  summer activity.



Jayce Wolfey showing his enthusiasm towards his teachers and his GPA.

Jayce Wolfey  

” I’m planning on making bank in Atlanta, Georgia with my best friend Treadon.”

” I’m working for a pest control door-door salesman.”

” I’m pumped to not have to deal with the 91 absensces I have in guided reading.”

” In the past summers I liked to hangout with girls at fires and ride dirt bikes with guys.”


Jason thinking about how he is going to “rock on” in his future.

Jason Walker

I’m traveling to Jackson on the weekdays and then going to college towards the end of summer.”

” I will be working on million-dollar houses’ cement.”

” The most exciting thing about this summer is I don’t have to deal with a bunch of people who annoy me.”

” I like to make money and [sic] car parts, dirt bikes, and a new snowmobile.”


Darren posing with his favorite brew: Mountain Dew.

Darren Allred

” I’m not working, but I will be working out everyday at CrossFit Star Valley.”

” I will be serving an LDS Mission in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.”

” I’m super excited to not have to wake up early for Crossfit, and it will be awesome to be on my own for 2 years.

” My favorite activity I do in the summer is ride my dirt bike!”


 Enjoy your summer by not working too hard and spending time with your pals!


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ALERT: Summer Approaching