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Milne SVHS’s First Co-ed Stunt Team Member

Gracie Jenkins, Staff Writer

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The cheerleader stunt team just got a lot more manly. Junior Ryan Milne recently made SVHS history by being the first male stunter ( they aren’t called cheerleaders, they are considered co-ed stunters) and many feel he will bring a special edge to the team’s stunt routine.

Mrs. Philpott, cheer team director, said “I’ts very exciting to have Ryan on the team. He is a great addition to the team and is going to really step up our stunt team this year, and we hope more guys will see his example and try out.”

Milne said, “I was very nervous for try-outs, and I am still nervous for next year, but I was so happy when I made the team. I think it will be fun and an awesome experience, and I hope it shows guys that they can try out and make the team.”

Ryan will be on the first SVHS co-ed stunt team and will practice vigorously along with the squad to hopefully take home another stunt team state title. At the very least, Milne has insured that he gets to spend everyday after school with the cheerleaders. Good Luck to Ryan and the rest of the team next year. Go Braves!




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Milne SVHS’s First Co-ed Stunt Team Member