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Smaller Trucks Equal Bigger Performance

Dakota Hoyt, Staff Writer

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The days of the big and bad trucks are slowly disappearing here at Star Valley High School.

I remember in sophomore year all of us guys wanted get into the baddest rides, high-lifted, straight-piped, gas-guzzling life. But today many of us seniors are going small-truck style. I myself went from a fulll-sized manual 1995 F-150 death trap to now 2001 Dodge Dakota 5 speed.

There are many benefits to having a small truck, none more important than improved fuel mpg, which for us means money since we’re not buying gas every freaking weekend. You can also drift way easier and turn corners like it’s nothing and way more fun in a small truck driving the palisades.

If you have subs, like I do, prepare to be amazed at how hard they will hit in that smaller cab.

I took a chance to get with some fellow small truck owners and a few who want to get in the little-truck life.

Trace Clutter- ” I just want a small  truck to drive around in Cheyenne because I don’t want to drive my truck that I have now down there.”

Riley Olsen- ” I got my ranger and sold the powestroke just so that I could send it.”

RAMMED: Consider a mid-size V6 truck like the Dodge Dakota and avoid the cost and inconvenience of driving around in something bigger but not better.

You don’t need a jacked-up monster truck to feel powerful. The improved mpg, handling, and cab sound of a smaller truck will give you all the power you need.

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Smaller Trucks Equal Bigger Performance