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Zac Brown Impresses Again

Conner Smith, Staff Writer

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Maybe you are aware, maybe you weren’t, but for the second year in a row the Zac Brown Band performed for the Jackson Hole Rendezvous, and they definitely did not disappoint.

The performance included some of Zac’s most iconic songs: Chicken Fry, Toes, Knee Deep, and Homegrown. Also, they performed excerpts from Metallica and other bands.

What was your favorite part about the concert?

Senior Sarah Walker: “They were really good live. And that made the whole concert way enjoyable.”

Senior Madison Hamilton: “Definitely hanging out with great friends and listening to some awesome music.”

Junior Josh Dawson: “I love the Zac Brown Band so getting to see them live was pretty sweet. And then hanging out with my friends just added on to all the fun.”

Senior Randall Griffith: “The whole thing was sick! They played a bunch of my favorite songs and their performance was just sweet.”

The Set: The Rendezvous hosted a crowd of over 13,000.

Cheesin: Seniors Sarah, Madison, Conner and junior Josh Dawson are all smiles for the concert.

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Zac Brown Impresses Again